fees and rates

The following are our membership and operating fees:

  1. Membership equity fee - $1,500 (Cessna -172R N30YR) 
  2. Application fee $50 (non-refundable)
  3. Monthly membership dues $125
  4. Aircraft operating fee (includes fuel) $135 per Tach hour (measured in 1/10ths of an hour)

What is the difference between Tach and Hobbs times? Airplanes have separate clocks that are used to track different types of operating hours, tracking maintenance milestones and for billing purposes.  The Tach or tachometer clock is used for tracking scheduled maintenance milestones and indicates how many hours the engine is turning based on 2,400 RPM (Cessna).  When the engine is operating at power levels below 2,400 RPM the Tach timer turns slower than real clock time.  The Inn Flying Club uses Tach time for billing and maintenance scheduling purposes.  The Hobbs clock records real clock time whenever the engine is operating.  Pilots use Hobbs time for recording flight hours in their log books.